SOCON wins the RWE ”INNOVATION“ Supplier Award


RWE Suppliers’ Convention: SOCON wins the RWE ”INNOVATION“ Supplier Award

The 7th RWE Suppliers’ Convention took place in Essen on 18 November 2014. SOCON Sonar Control Kavernenvermessung GmbH was nominated for one of the RWE Supplier Awards that is awarded in four different categories. Dr. Andreas Reitze, Managing Director, and Oliver Busjahn, Sales & Business Administration, represented SOCON at the event – and received the RWE Supplier Award in the category of ”INNOVATION“.

It was handed over by Dr. Ulrich Piepel (CPO of the RWE group) and Kay Peter Lorenz (Head of Utility Purchasing Downstream).By conferring the award, the RWE group recognises SOCON’s unique innovative ideas in the field of cavern surveying. In his talk Dr. Reitze highlighted in particular the company’s many in-house developments aimed at improving tool technology, above all the so-called fibre-optics gyro. This special technology comes from the military sector and enables oriented measurements to be carried out in an environment with magnetic interference. In other words, all rotations of the survey tool are determined by the fibre-optics gyro and then the current orientation of the tool is calculated so that the position of the tool can be determined at any time during the survey.

Once a year the RWE group bestows the RWE Supplier Award in recognition of outstanding companies among its some 12,200 suppliers. The fact that SOCON was selected for the prize this year was endorsed by Kay Peter Lorenz, Head of Utility Purchasing Downstream, as well deserved because: ”SOCON has massively supported us in recent years in our work together to continuously optimise the services for RWE in the field of cavern surveying. This has taken place also by adapting technologies from other areas, such as military technology, for use in the civil applications of cavern surveying.
Within the framework of a service agreement, RWE has been working together with SOCON for many years and through this it has been possible to continuously promote development and further optimise cavern surveying,” emphasised Lorenz in his speech.

RWE is an important partner for us, and as a result of its long-standing relationship helps us to implement innovations in the area of measuring technology. And this cooperation will be intensified even more in the future.

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