SOCON Sonar Control Kavernenvermessung GmbH was established in 1991 and specializes in the surveillance of caverns using engineering surveying techniques. At that time the majority of its staff came from Prakla-Seismos GmbH, a German expolaration company. The shareholding partners in the company are EWE Aktiengesellschaft, Schlumberger Holding GmbH, Hartmut von Tryller as well as company employees. SOCON has a total of about 80 employees, who carry out surveys worldwide from the central offices in Giesen/Emmerke near Hildesheim as well as from a base in Wiesmoor in northwest Germany.

In 1996, SOCON Cavity Control, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SOCON GmbH, was formed in Houston, Texas, to handle operations in the North American market. In 2004 the company was renamed SOCON Sonar Well Services, Inc. (SWS) and its headquarters relocated to greater Houston. Since 2012, SOCON has held the majority holding in the joint venture SOCON Cavern Services Co. Ltd. and as such has been directly represented in China. This company is based in Jintan in the Jiangsu Province.