One evening there was an encounter between a mysterious, subterranean world that is accessible to humans only thanks to technology, and the intangible world from which dreams are formed. Is it possible to transmit sounds down into a huge methane-gas-filled cavern with a volume of more than 300 000 m³? How do sounds behave in methane gas at a pressure of 100 bar? The sculptor and composer Oscar Wiggli posed these and other questions in Bochum in 1994 to the cavern specialist Hartmut von Tryller, the then managing director of SOCON Sonar Control Kavernenvermessung GmbH. Surprised, yet fascinated at the same time, the artist and entrepreneur together initiated an experiment to find answers to such questions. Reinhard Wildner developed and built the acoustic tool BSAK Wiggli 1, which was used for the experiment in Huntorf, Germany.

Watch and hear the results of the GUAREC-Project:

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