A special edition of the 35th anniversary of the replica IWC ocean chronometer

Iwc replica launched in 2017, set limit to 350 only 2000 automatic Marine chronometer watch the 35th anniversary of the establishment of special edition, best watches replicas using smaller Bezel 42 mm, thinner thickness of 14.5 mm.

The ocean 2000 replica watches, which was introduced in 1982. Because the watch not only has the technology sense of titanium case, but also up to 2000 meters waterproof depth, it is also the most powerful and powerful automatic best quality fake watches. The GST Aquatimer submersion watch, launched by wanguo table, continues its strong 2000 meter waterproof performance.


Patent appearance Bezel: same as the average hour meter turns, the rotary table can only rotate counterclockwise circle, so the rotating table in a clockwise circle, is through the clutch system is idling watches using rotary table inside and outside the circle design, not only can protect the circle of table structure, still have the operational convenience at the same time, it combines the advantages of two kinds of Bezel circle.


Blue green double color noctilucent: luminous coating in recent years, has developed with different color gloss in this paragraph within the minute hand the best quality fake watches 15 minutes before the number, all adopt green luminous effect of the coating, and the hour hand and the time scale calibration of blue is different, can alert divers.


The answer is that the manufacturer chooses relatively thin size 30120 movement based for the ETA (2892), replaced the original 80110 movement, so light is the thickness of the movement, then reduce 3.7 mm in addition, 1982 scuba submersion in the ocean 2000 wrist watch, the 43 mm size and not thick crust, colored appearance of titanium material collocation, is one big characteristic. As the 35th anniversary watch of the Ocean 2000 submersion wristwatch, the watch adopts a more traditional case size (in the 1980s), which is also a homage to the sea 2000 submersion cheap replicas watches. Since the wrist watch is made of polished titanium metal, the appearance is similar to stainless steel. Only when you pick up the watch, you will find the lightweight features.


The symbol of waterproof performance: the bottom cover is engraved with deep-sea submersion helmet, which is reminiscent of the strong waterproof performance of the copy Swiss watches. At the same time, the band can also be designed to easily replace different types of bands.


In addition, this replica watch only with mechanical rotating bezel design inside and outside, through the clutch system of special appearance turns, also to synchronous moving Bezel within the circle, operation is convenient, at the same time the Bezel would only rotate counterclockwise circle, but make sure it is divers set time. Strap also have quick release design at the same time, in the case 9 o 'clock position of circular blocks, inside is clutch system, is composed of a number of sophisticated gear, bearing, spring and waterproof aprons structure, the circular hole is at the top of the convenient moisture to evaporate.

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